classroom _ before the building renovation project

The project brings together a group of pieces I created during my live-in renovation project of an abandoned building at no 108,
Rua das Janelas Verdes in Lisbon. The XIXth-century building had most recently been home to a primary school, over a period
of more than 100 years.
The aim of the project was to discover, evaluate and reintegrate the historical and cultural legacy of the building, which implied
collecting and making use of the material found in it, including old documents, registers, certificates, notes, admission files,
timesheets, minutes, photographs, pupils’ work, school materials, games and implements.
These objects date from the end of the 19th century until 2007, when the school was closed.
The project focused on rescuing an abandoned past and on approaching and relating directly to the memories and lives of those
who lived it – pupils as well as local residents. Thus the school as a symbol of preparation for the future was restored to its role
by means of living elements and by objects being given a new lease of life.
In a sense this project was also a protest against the devaluation of the past and its cultural heritage –against forgetting– as well
as a way of showing how relations, experiences and artistic invention can provide a link to it.

exhibition invitation using old school documents and picture

space view

space view

ESCOLA.18, 2013
201 x 105 cm | encaustic, toner transference and school documents on wood

ESCOLA.18, 2013

ESCOLA.18#4, 2015
185 x 105 cm | encáustica, tinta de esmalte e impressão digital sobre livros


found documents, wax and dammar resin on school chairs, 2013