Around Marseille

'This project documents 11 days in Marseille in the exchange artist programe of ‘Castelo D’If’.
I am interested in explore the visual and audio repertory collected in various ways (photograps, moving images, maps, flyers, etc).
My intention is to fix the memory of that period of time, the events and the dynamics of the relationships created.
In this process of working with this documents, I notice in a conscious way the choices I made, highlighting some aspects and situations
and not mentioning others, that will be confined to the non-existence.'

The final work is a sequence of wood square plates, an encaustic ’assemblage’ combining the different visual elements and a video
edited from the moving images captured daily.

instagram pictures

exhibition view

encaustic on wood | 50 x 50 cm

encaustic on wood | 50 x 50 cm