simplicity manifest_ sob o heterónimo de Maria das Flores [MDF]

Este trabalho tenta eleger a simplicidade, apresentando-se como meras pinturas a óleo, numa oposição a qualquer outro conteúdo conceptual.
Mas paradoxalmente, na oposição ao conceptual, está o conceito - 'isto é simplesmente uma flor', deixa de ser uma realidade.
A procura da simplicidade é conseguida em termos formais, mas o texto associado, acentua a dimensão da ideia e revela a intenção.

simplicity manifest
this is just a flower
a painting of a flower
I simply like flowers.
there is nothing more to understand.
no story behind
no concepts
this is about simplicity

Magnolia is an ancient genus. Having evolved before bees appeared, the flowers developed to encourage pollination by beetles.
As a result, the carpels of Magnolia flowers are tough, to avoid damage by eating and crawling beetles.
Fossilised specimens of Magnólia acuminata have been found dating to 20 million years ago, and of plants identifiably belonging
to the Magnoliaceae dating to 95 million years ago. Another primitive aspect of Magnolias is their lack of distinct sepals or petals.
The term tepal has been coined to refer to the intermediate element that Magnolia has instead.
Magnolias are used as food plants by the larvae of some Lepidoptera species, including Giant Leopard Moth.

magnolia, 2008 | transfer e óleo s/ tela | 130 x 135 cm

Gladiolus symbolizes victory.
Gladiolus hortulanus, from Latin, gladius, that means sword, probably from the shape of its long pointy leaves.
The flower given to roman gladiators that won their combat.

gladílius da boa hora, 2008 | caneta (BIC escrita normal), transfer e óleo s/ tela | 130 x 40 cm

Rose symbolizes love, virtue and beauty
The rose is the flower of the goddess Venus but also the blood of Adonis and of Christ. It is a symbol of transmutation,
that of taking food from the earth and transmuting it into the beautiful fragrant rose. The rose garden is a symbol of Paradise.
It is the place of the mystic marriage. In ancient Rome, roses were grown in the funerary gardens to symbolize resurrection.
The thorns have represented suffering and sacrifice as well as the sins of the Fall from Paradise.
The rose has also been used as a sign of silence and secrecy. The word sub rosa "under the rose" referring to the demand for discretion
whenever a rose was hung from the ceiling at a meeting.

rose, 2008 | transfer e óleo s/ tela | 130 x 40 cm